Dusk Network Debuts on the Ethfinex Token Sale Platform

Dusk Network Debuts on the Ethfinex Token Sale Platform

Dusk Network aims to use zero-knowledge cryptography to eliminate middlemen from the regulated markets while ensuring regulatory compliance. The Dusk Network token sale will be held on Ethfinex’s new token sale platform, also becoming the first token to be sold on the platform.

Dusk Network Token Sale Begins
The Dusk Network tokens will be sold on Ethfinex between October 26 and November 9. However, registration for the token sale will end on November 5. The fundraising goal of Dusk Network is $14.4 million, with $1 million of that will be available to Ethinex users. The ERC20 based utility token can be purchased against Ethereum, Bitcoin, US Dollars, Euros and Tether.

The Dusk network is a blockchain solution built on the Ethereum blockchain that guarantees the confidentiality of transactions while ensuring regulatory compliance on the chain too. In a blog post, Ethfinex describes the network as “designed for a restricted set of use cases” that range from decentralized dark pool implementation to payments.

It can also be used for secure communication and issuance of Confidential Security Tokens. It follows the SBA consensus mechanism that helps in creating privacy while allowing regulatory oversight.

The Uniqueness of the Dusk Sale on Ethfinex
The features of the Dusk Network have been designed for three primary use cases – unidirectional atomic value transfer, bidirectional atomic value transfer and time-bound exchange of value. Ethfinex has been provided $1,000,000 of DUSK tokens. The individual allocation has been pre-decided at $5,000 in ETH.

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  • 2018-10-29